AGORA Regathered

September 16, 2012



I have a remix on this 2011’s fabulous remix album from Derek’s album AGORA.

Cumbria Remixed

September 2, 2012

Remixes from around the world as part of the project Cumbria Remixed.





January 27, 2011

Track Duration
1 Untitledfree download 3:33
2 At Night They Comefree download 3:09
3 Kidsfree download 3:32
4 Delicious Canfree download 3:16
5 B-Happyfree download 3:19
6 Noturnofree download 1:47
7 Housefree download 4:16
8 Space Shootersfree download 3:09
9 Coastalfree download 3:04
10 Speaker Identification Testfree download 2:45
11 Aquilesfree download 2:25
12 Panelafree download 3:00
13 Debossyfree download 3:10
14 On It!free download 1:55
Release Date 01/11/2011Untitled Sound Source: Coin, Plastic Bubbles, Elastic, Exploding Glasses, Applause Samplers. Techno Kit. 130 bpm
At Night They Come Sound Source : Kadoo Vocal, Applause, Coin, 60‘s Luster Creme Shampoo Commercial Samplers. Analog Techno & Classic Electro Kit. 120 bpm
Kids Sound Source : Kids Field Recording, X-file Samplers, Kassiolator. 120 bpm
Delicious Can (BPA High) Sound Source : Fruit Can, Applause, Elastic Rubber Band, Farm, Bleep, Caxixi Samplers. 120 bpm
B-Happy Sound Source : Coin, Claps, Bday Samplers, Kassiolator. Classic Techno, Funk Boogie, electric Dub & IDM Kit. 130 bpm
Noturno Sound Source : Solange Vocals, Cdrom, Blackjoke String Samplers. 114bpm
House Sound Source : Bleep Beat, Cucko Beat, Plastic Bubble, Coin Beat Samplers. Minimal & Deep House Kit. 120 bpm
Space Shooters Sound Source : Pacman Samplers, Clapbeat. Nouveaux Disco, Hiphop, Destructo & Drum Kit. 115 bpm
Coastal Sound Source : Cuckobeat, Canario, Kids samplers. Destructo, Classic Techno, Warped Idm & Hiphop Kit. Dominator & Glitch Synths. 130 bpm
Speaker Identification Test Sound Source : Da Lata, Pink Noise, Cuckobeat, Delicious Can, Acoustic Guitar, Bicha Funk ,S.I.D & Human Beat Samplers. 120 bpm
Aquiles Sound Source : Kadoo “New”, Calcanhar de Aquiles samplers. Analog Deep Bass, Classic Hiphop & Hiphop 90’s Kit. 97 bpm
Panela Sound Source : Panela Field Recording, Metal Bang, Harp, String, Piano Samplers. Drum’Bass Remix Kit. 80 bpm
Debussy Sound Source : Kadoo Clap, Kadoo Beat, Cdrom, Coin, Coin Beat Samplers. Nouveaux Disco, Warped Drum&Bass Kit. 111 Bpm
On It! (Bonus Track) Sound Source : I’m On Field Recording, Adam Beat, Bicha Beat, Caxixi, Heat Beat Samplers. Warped Downtown & Analog Funk Bass Kit. 138 bpmField Recording, Synths, Bass, Drum & Samplers
Programmed & Produced by Carlos Lemosh 

Kids -EP

September 26, 2010

Tracklist Duration
1 Kids free download 3:32
2 Tu es free download 1:54
3 Space Shooters free download 3:09

Computer Love

April 22, 2010
Computer Love-r Cover Art
This is my version of Kraftwerk’s Computer Love


March 20, 2010
“Organics” is the name of my new album. It started as a project where I would just compose songs sampling movie trailers, but in the middle of the project I decided to break the rules that I imposed and add whatever was on my way. Machine gun, plastic bottles, a tennis player, running water, white noise, microsoft sounds, x-files, 2012/District 9 movie trailers and even a chinese menu are part of the mix!  Release date 11/11/2009
Coperar 03:39
Cllasses 04:24
I-Doctor 02:53
Gamer 03:23
X-File 02:28
Final 3 03:27
(Free Download in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or any other format)
Organics at